Home Sustainability

As the threat of Climate Change is Looming over us, and State across the globe flocking to limit the emission level to a certain percentage, It is incumbent upon the businesses to become a responsible citizen of the Mother Earth, and Clara understands the need to be a Company which works in sync with its natural environment, and through its business practices it ever endeavors to have a minimum impact on the natural environment. Clara believe that its Environmental, Social, and Economic practices shall go a long way in making it to be a sustainable business behemoth.


At Clara We have a recycling plant whereby we recycle all the plastic waste and turn it into a useful input, then that input is used in the Production of Plastic Mats. So it can be claimed that the Clara Industries Limited is a Zero Waste Company which, keeping in mind the environmental concerns, is turning Industrial waste into an input for widely sold product of Clara Industries Limited.


At Clara we make sure that we take care of not only the employees but also their families, and over time we have done that by financing education of their children, and providing medical facilities as and when require by them. During Covid we made sure that Clara continue to be a support system for all of them, which Clara proved to be through on time salary payments, other medical and non-medical help.


Associating with Clara is a way towards a bright future, as we say “CLARA BRINGS BRIGHTNESS TO YOUR LIFE.”